Speech, OT and PT Therapy

Our speech pathologists are trained to work with children with:

•  receptive and expressive language delays and disorders

  articulation delays

  phonology dealys

  apraxia and dysarthria

  pragmatic language delays

  fluency and voice disorders

  feeding and swallowing disorders and aversions

  autism spectrum disorder

  cereral palsy and syndromes 

  Central auditory processing disorder

  word retrieval disorders

  traumatic brain injury/neurological deficits


Our speech pathologists are trained in:

PROMPT- a multi-modality approach to teaching motor movements for speech.  

Social Thinking-a pragmatic language and social skills program

Augmentative Communication Systems/PECS

Oral Placement Therapy (Talk Tools)

Our OT and PT's are trained in:

Sensory Integration

Hand Writing Without Tears®

Fine Motor-writing, cutting, coloring, buttoning, self-care skills

Gross Motor- jumping, skipping, running, climbing, difficulty learning new motor tasks

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